Adri Siriwatt

Adri Siriwatt sought out creative endeavors at an early age through art and painting classes.   Beleiving she had found her niche, she furthered her talents by attending Columbia College Chicago.  

By using her artistically skilled background, she adapted to the world of filmmaking through production design.  Adri has production designed several award-winning films featured at prominent festivals such as the Tribeca and Cannes. 

She has traveled around the world from the Midwest to Thailand working on feature films as a production designer, art director, and decorator.  Her most current projects include designing the U.S portion of Mariachi Gringo, starring Shawn Ashmore from Xmen and Foxy Shazam's latest music video, Unstoppable.  

Adri finds her deepest passion in creating a character through the design of the set.

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